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Provide fresh vegetable distribution for factories, enterprises and institutions, schools

All the ingredients are strictly tested to provide fresh and excellent agricultural and sideline products, safe and pollution-free, food safety, high quality and low price, providing high-quality vegetable distribution.

  • Large vegetable distribution base direct supply, best price

    Kanglilai is a professional provider of vegetable distribution services, mainly in Kunshan, Suzhou, Shanghai and other places. For more than a decade, vegetables, meat, jellies, etc. have all come from regular and competent manufacturers, and all of them have come from large-scale planting bases. The lowest price, direct supply from manufacturers.

  • Provide vegetable distribution for many large enterprises in Kunshan

    We have been focusing on vegetable distribution services for more than 10 years, providing safe, environmentally friendly and fast canteen distribution to many large and small enterprises in Kunshan and Shanghai.

  • 10 years of vegetable distribution industry experience, trustworthy

    10 years of industry experience has always been a model benchmark for peers. Meat comes to the meat joint factory designated by the city government. After quarantine by the health department, customers can eat assured meat and keep private pigs away from the market. All vegetables have undergone preliminary processing, no yellow leaves, no impurities such as sediment, and the utilization rate is over 99%.

  • Perfect distribution service system, "zero" risk

    Conley comes from a professional transportation and delivery team, providing one-on-one caring service. If there are damages to vegetables, meat, frozen products, and fruits due to problems in the distribution process, we will start an emergency after-sales and quickly "free return"! Professional and powerful after-sales service team, rest assured to choose.


Kunshan Kanglilai Catering Management Co., Ltd.

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